Monday, 13 April 2015

IRCTC Service Charges Hiked After Railway Budget

In view of the new Railway Budget, IRCTC has also increased their service charges.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation(IRCTC) has become a very vast company over the years. Almost all the online railway bookings are done through it's portal. It also provides various other services as well. It usually takes a nominal service charge for the useful services it provides. Now in lieu of the new railway budget of 2015, IRCTC has hiked it's service charges as well.
irctc service charges

The hiked charges were an expected move, since it has been ordered to become more profitable. So these are the hiked charges, along with the previous ones in the brackets:

  • i-Tickets: Rs. 80 for Sleeper/2nd Sitting class and Rs. 120 for other classes(vs Rs. 40 for Sleeper/2nd Sitting and Rs. 60 for other classes)
  • e-Tickets: Rs. 20 for Sleeper/2nd Sitting class and Rs. 40 for other classes(vs Rs. 10 for Sleeper/2nd Sitting and Rs. 20 for other classes)

The service charges are exclusive of Service Tax. During the buying of these tickets, a service tax of 14% will be levied on the cutomer.

It is easily observed that the service charges have been doubled. Although this may seem troublesome, this is actual a necessary move. IRCTC is one of the biggest online portals in India and maintaining it is not an easy job. These higher service charges will help in better building of the website so it can handle the ever increasing traffic of the Railway booking system.

News Of The Month

1. Indian Railways has started a service to give wake up call to passengers thirty minutes before their destination station arrives.

This wake-up call or you may say train destination alarm call facility has been in effect as a pilot initiative by IRCTC and Bharat BPO. This service is available only through voice call 139 and customer service agent. The passenger has to give their PNR number, STD code and the name of the station to get their alarmed set.

If everything goes well, a call will alert you 30 minutes before the train arrives to its desired station. If the train goes running late, the alert will also be delayed but the problem is the train can also get late after the wake up call (Just a thought :)).

2. Premium Tatkal Booking Fare Hike within seconds can lead you to pay a price of airplane tickets. This is what happened with this man, he booked tickets worth Rs 4,200 and ultimately pays Rs 11,900: IRCTC says bad luck cause it's premium Tatkal.