Sunday, 6 July 2014

NGET IRCTC Tatkal Ticket On 2G Mobile Net Booked In 2 Minutes

Wondering? How I booked a tatkal ticket on IRCTC's website with just 2G net? Well that's not a joke and I am very much happy to find that IRCTC has taken a very good step to migrate to next generation new site. After a little research I found that NGET IRCTC ( is served by CRIS. That is IRCTC is using the service of CRIS to give us such brand new fast and smooth working tatkal ticket e-ticketing interface. Now let's come to the topic that how I did it.

For your information I booked a tatkal ticket of Garib Rath train number 12909 Sleeper 3AC Coach from the source station Bandra (BDTS) to Nizamuddin (NZM), Delhi. Here is the procedure I used to book this nget irctc tatkal ticket.
nget irctc login

First of all I opened the at 9.58 a.m and left it. At 9.59 a.m I logged in, entered my travelling details From Station, To Station, Journey Date and Ticket Type in Plan My Journey form and clicked on submit. All these things I did before 10 a.m with around 20-30 seconds left. As the trains list comes, I choose the Quota Tatkal and waited for the clock to hit 10 a.m. As soon as the clock hits the 10 a.m mark I clicked on the 3AC link in the row of Garib Rath. It shows availability around 158.

Then I go to my Book Ticket Entered my details and had my Pan Card number copied in advanced before login, just pasted it with CTRL+ V, entered the image captcha and clicked on make payment and then I paid and Voila! I booked a confirmed nget irctc tatkal ticket on this next generation website. I know you are concerned about the speed of internet. Well I used an Airtel sim with just 2G internet pack on a Micromax Canvas 2 Plus android smartphone with Google Chrome as the browser. The site runs well with 2g net.

For alternate fast login visit this page: login

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  1. Dear Malik Junaid Rasheed,

    As far as I know, NGET IRCTC ( is developed and served by CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems), an organization under Ministry of Railway and Not by TCS as you mentioned.

    So next time you blog some fact, do a good reserch before posting.

    1. well thanks for telling. I found NextGen Service from TCS here:
      And also I read somewhere about it, may be a rumour which made to blog this fact. Thanks for your comment. I apologize for the inconvenience. PS: I have corrected the details.

  2. it looks promising, tomorrow i will try to book one for me.

    1. Yeah sure and do share the booking experience with us.

  3. Great method. I booked my tatkal ticket too.

  4. For the first time in my life I have booked a tatkal ticket so fast and in time. Thanks Malik for the steps and thanks to working so fast. Just a request to next generation new site is that please reduce tha Captchas. They are very irritating.

    1. Thanks for your compliments ashish. You have a genuine request to nget irctc specially for tatkal Ticket booking.


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